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Please enjoy these pictures of previous kittens from KISSYKATS in their New Homes

Hi Kathleen -
Where do I begin... how about Lucy is a sweetie pie.  She loves to snuggle with
Emily and she follows her everywhere.  She sleeps on Emily' s bed every night
and she wakes Emily up every morning  to play.  Lucy cracks us up... She is such
a funny kitty.  I seriously never expected her to fit in this well with us.  She
even gives our dog, Floyd, kisses all of the time.  Seriously, she is wonderful
and we love her to pieces.  We cannot imagine our home without her.  Anyway, I
just wanted to let you know how great she is doing.  

Thanks Again for our Lucy,

Hi Kathleen! It's Stewart! I really would love a brother. Cathy and Stewart


Hello Kathleen; We couldn't be happier with Levi. He layed in Mary's arms all the way home. He went to the store with me today and I put him in a basket  in the car while I was in the store and he stayed right there till I came back. As you can see he helps me do my Ebay but gets tired quick. Thanks so much-Flip Mary and Levi




Kathleen; Now that Levie is 6 mos. old thought we would send a few pics of him from this Summer. Were very pleased with him and he's everything we hoped he would be. We've had him out in our boats and one day even fell a sleep in the boat.


Levi  ( Naughty, Naughty, Naughty :)

Kissykat Tip ...Pampered and Adored by his very special New  Mommy and Daddy , Nedra and Dale  and his new Sheltie brothers !

Looks like Tip adores Grandson Nicholas as well

Jack and Kozmo are loved and pampered by Mary and Matthew .

Thanks to you both for providing these brothers with a wonderful home together .

Kissykat's Oliver now has a wonderful new home and is loved by
The Weigand Family .

Kissykat Gus Gus and Kissykat Annasophia  now live with Mike, Laurie and Anna. They fit right in their loving family which includes four other very secial kitties .

  Amy is adored by Kathie Wilde In New Jersey.

Angel Blue Eyes


Baby Shoo Shoo
 All three are Loved and Adored by Our Friends Tim and Shelly 

Above is Loshi

Pictured above is Jango

Above is Monet

 All three pictured above, Lohshi ,Jango and Monet are Adored By Gwen and Ric











Kathleen Burke

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Or call us direct 810 639 4520

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